Hello, I'm Erik, a letter fan. My interest and fascination for type and letters started as a kid. Influenced by the then emerging Hip Hop culture. Started writing and drawing letters, learning the autodidactic way: The start of my creative career. I later attended and was graduated from HKU art academy. Having my design practice since 2004 with the focus on Branding with Typography. I'm also founder of headwear brand Ektypon.

I believe a well considered and chosen brand positioning and identity is necessary for any successful brand. It gives your brand direction and a recognizable present. People better understand your brand and it allows your business to stand out more from the competition.
A logo(type) and identity toolbox are the visual branding basics of your business and preferred in this digital age. It must be plural and simple to implement. For an easy adept and merge with the ever and fast changing digital products and media.
A personal style in typography is a great branding tool to ensure it visual separates you from your competitors and other brands. It gives a recognizable, consistent and unique user experience.
I composes logotypes, typo-graphic brand identities, product and campaign type design / lettering / calligraphy, to project collaborations with agencies and brands.

Nieuwpoortkade 2a
1055 RX Amsterdam

Nul-zes 26 33 63 93